Become an Athlete

Are you ready to take on an exciting new challenge, take your sports-game to the next level, and meet friends along the way? Then Special Olympics Milton is the right place for you.

We are always looking for athletes to compete in a variety of sports with an impressive roster of coaches who are eager to train athletes for sport and competitions.

As an athlete with Special Olympics, you will participate in weekly practices to prepare you for competitions or to keep physically active. For many athletes, participating in Special Olympics is a path to healthy living, empowerment, acceptance and friendship. Special Olympics is dedicated to increasing physical fitness, confidence and other sport and life skills of our athletes; all in a positive and supportive environment.

Am I eligible to be a Milton athlete?

In order to participate as an athlete with Milton Special Olympics, you must:

*Please note some programs may have age requirements

If you'd like to become a part of Special Olympics Ontario, the first step is to have a parent/guardian/group home complete the information in the following link:

Parent/Guardian - please make sure that you register YOURSELF first and then you can add the athletes under your Family Admin account

Group Home

Once this has been completed, Special Olympics Ontario will reach out to you to provide you with the next steps to register in the Membership Portal.

Athlete's Rights and Responsibilities

I have the RIGHT to belong to Special Olympics Ontario (SOO).

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to uphold its Oath and be dedicated to my sport and my team.

I have the RIGHT to be treated fairly and equally.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to know the rules, follow the rules and accept the consequences of ALL my actions.

I have the RIGHT to speak and be heard.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to communicate with others respectfully, and not to use any foul language or unkind words, or unkind gestures.

I have the RIGHT to a qualified and dedicated coach who will respect my rights as an athlete.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to work together with my coach, and respect his or her rights as a coach.

I have the RIGHT to enjoy my sport in a safe place and in a safe way.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to tell my coach, or another person I trust, if I feel unsafe.

I have the RIGHT to be united in sportsmanship and fair play.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to treat others fairly, encourage sportsmanship and fair play.

I have the RIGHT to bring to events my personal items and my sports equipment.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to look after my sports equipment and report any theft or damage of my sports equipment to someone I trust. I will not take another person's property.

I have the RIGHT to be respected on and off the field, or wherever I play my sport.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to respect others on and off the field.

I have the RIGHT to be the best I can be and to receive recognition for my successes.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to encourage and support others to do their best.

I have the RIGHT to win, and if I cannot win, be brave in the attempt.

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to have fun and participate in the sport of my choice in a safe and positive way.

Athlete's Code of Conduct

An athlete shall: