Softball - Muddawgs

Fun Facts!

  • George Hancock invented the game of Softball

  • Bases are 60 feet apart unlike baseball where they are 90 feet apart

  • Softball was originally an indoor sport

  • The first softball was a boxing glove tied up in its laces and the bat was a stick

What to expect as a Muddawg

  • Instructions and lessons to learn the rules of Softball

  • Learn to play as a team member

  • Skills analysis - develop hitting, base running, catching, fielding and throwing of ball

  • Certified coaches to help you develop your skills and feel confident

  • Have fun and make friends!

Club Details

  • Brian Best Park (diamond #2) - 311 Commercial Steet, Milton ON

  • Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm, from May - September

  • Ages 12 and up

  • Contacts: Patsy Leslie or Joyce Sanderson for more information

  • Fees - $75