Floor Hockey - Mighty Ducks

Fun Facts!

  • Floor hockey is an exciting indoor sport usually played on a basketball court and resembles ice hockey where the object of the game is to score in the opponent's net

  • Each team has 15 players plus a goalie

  • Floor hockey is a fast paced game that promotes conditioning, hockey skills and team play

  • Each player wears full protective gear and uses a broom stick and felt ring as a puck

What to expect as a Mighty Duck

  • Skills training, conditioning and competitions

  • Friendly games within the club

  • Tournaments with Special Olympics teams from other towns

Club Details

  • Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School - 311 Savoline Blvd. Milton, ON

  • Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm, from October - April

  • Ages 12 and up

  • Contact territwiss@gmail.com for more information

  • Fees - $75